Are you communicating effectively as a Realtor?


Real Estate is a people business and the way we communicate has a direct impact on our success. A Realtor’s job is to help people buy and sell homes, attitude and communication skills can make that a good experience or a forgettable one for everyone.


  •     First impression is the best impression

As a Realtor we can give off a strong first impression by focusing on the gestures, eye contact, and proper posture.


  •     It’s important to know the importance of pace and pause

When we communicate with clients, we have to know the importance of pace and the power of the pause. Explain the points that you are making and make emotional statements slowly.

  •     Be honest with clients

Being honest and being upfront about everything we will say to clients is important to have a loyal customer.

  •     Keep a positive body language 

Many times, our bad body language could kill our deal from the very beginning. As realtor, we want to make sure our body language isn’t being interpreted as something negative, especially during important meetings with prospects.

  •     Sharing experiences to build trust

To be a successful realtor, it is important to learn the art of reaching clients’ emotions. This moves a realtor from being a random realtor to being a friend. When we share our experiences with our prospective clients, they feel an amount of connection and trustworthiness.

  •     Listen Actively

Do not forget to show genuine interest by asking questions and by listening actively to clients.

  •     Avoiding Jargon Language 

Positioning yourself as a knowledgeable expert is acceptable but please avoid using jargon language that clients may not understand. Ensure that messages are clear and understandable.

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.”

Anthony Robbins

The journey to effective communication isn’t always a smooth ride, however, consistency in learning and practicing helps become successful at it. 

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