Are you happy today?

When we were greeting one other in the office, my ex-boss would inquire, How are you, Are you happy today?

When a few employees would express their displeasure, our boss would respond, “Don’t worry, everything will be all right,” and he used to make sure that they had had a good day!

Despite the negative statistics on employee engagement, there are many forward-thinking leaders who do a simple thing: They ask their employees how they are feeling, how was their weekend etc. When they do so, they receive invaluable information that helps them in retaining their best employees and increasing their productivity.

This may seem insignificant to inquire about employees’ weekends, but learning a little about their personal lives shows that you care about them as humans. This question can also help you form bonds with employees based on common interests.

Bad relationship with a boss is one of the most common reasons employees quit their job and making a personal connection with them can help to keep them happy and loyal.

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