Best Facebook Marketing Strategies for Hotels, Spa and Restaurants in Cambodia.

Cambodia has now announced that tourists will not be required to take a COVID 19 test in order to enter the country, in the view of improving tourism in the coming days. The country has gone ahead of its neighbors in easing regulations, allowing for a much-needed boost in tourism.

So, how to use Facebook to promote your Hotel, Restaurant or Spa business when tourists begin revisiting Cambodia?

Facebook is always at the top of my list of the best social media marketing strategies for hotels’, spa and restaurants in Cambodia. I also don’t think it’s necessary to mention the platform’s popularity. Because it is the most widely used social media platform, it offers a series of advertising opportunities for the business.

Phoenix Lab Asia, the best digital and social media marketing agency in Cambodia has been using Facebook effectively, to promote its clients’ businesses.

It goes without saying that Facebook is an unavoidable component of your social media marketing strategy.

Make a business profile.

First and foremost, create a business profile for your company. Make sure you fill out all of required fields and that your profile is Completed. After that, follow the steps below to get your Facebook profile up and running:

Make a new Facebook page for your business. It should be named after your hotels, spa or restaurant’s brand.

For that page, create a PROPER profile and cover photo. A video can also be used as a cover.

COMPLETE the profile of your page by adding details such as a description, category, address, phone number, and anything else.

Maintain a username that allows others to discover you.

This function is often overlooked by businesses, yet it has a huge impact on your Facebook following. A stunning cover photo, such as the one displayed below, might attract your audience’s interest. You should also change your cover on a regular basis.

Take a look at how Sombok Restaurant has used its cover photo and profile picture to emphasise its main attractions. 


After you’ve completed your profile, the following question is:

What should I put on Facebook as a hotel, spa or restaurant?

Facebook is the most effective platform for disseminating your material.

Why? Because there are no word constraints, links, or video sizes to contend with. You can do the following types of posts:

  • Pictures of your businesses inside and outside, as well as a nearby scenic area.
  • Videos that aren’t long.
  • Stories and live videos are available.
  • Special offers, discounts, and deals are available

But, of course, simply publishing isn’t enough, right? The second crucial factor is involvement.

How can I get more people to interact with my hotel’s Facebook page?

Here are a few ideas for increasing engagement on your Facebook page.

Encourage your visitors to include check-ins or location tags to their photos and videos. In exchange, you can provide some enticing incentives.

  • Live videos currently get the highest interaction.
  • You can also host fun contests on Facebook.


This, trust me, works like a charm! It boosts engagement on your content and attracts a large number of visitors.

Add-ons: Hotel, Spa and Restaurant advertisements on Facebook

Facebook advertisements can help you reach out to new individuals who have already visited your website but haven’t taken any action.

Running Facebook ads can help you in a number of ways, including:

  • Increase the number of direct reservations you receive.
  • Encourage people to take advantage of attractive deals and discounts.
  • Make an effort to reach out to a large population.

Facebook marketing for hotels, spa and restaurants in Cambodia has also become a critical component of the business world, rather than being on trial.

I’ve attempted to include as much information as possible to help you improve your Facebook marketing for hotels, spas and restaurants.

Facebook may quickly become a revenue-generating platform if done right and with proper planning.

So go ahead and get your hands on them and see it for yourself. If need help, contact us on