Even though you've been promoted, you're still doing the same job!

Every week, tens of thousands of business executives are promoted. It’s an exciting time, but it’s also a frightening moment. It’s even scarier for executives who’ve been promoted but still have to undertake some or all of their previous job’s responsibilities.

As odd as it sounds, many organizations lack the internal discipline and processes necessary to effectively promote and have the resources needed to make smooth transitions.

When poor transitions happen and you’re stuck doing two or more jobs, the company technically “wins” because you’re actually being paid for two or more jobs with one salary. Most successful organizations, in my view, don’t do this on purpose to try to maximize revenue; rather, they do it by accident as a result of bad planning and talent strategy.

Within any organization, doing two full-time jobs is not feasible and will eventually have a negative impact on all parties involved. There are constructive approaches to dealing with the circumstance that will result in a positive outcome.

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