Experience Of The Candidate In The Recruitment Process!

Candidate’s impression about the #company is formed at a very early stage of the recruitment process. If a prospect has a bad experience at any point during the process, over half of them will end their contact with the #organization. Not only that, but if you don’t keep your #recruitment process simplified, your recruitment metrics, such as applications per opening, application completion rate, and time-to-fill, will continue to fall.


The purpose of online #application is that those in charge of recruiting can quickly gather and review necessary #information. The problem is that some #candidates will quit their application in the middle if the form is too long, doesn’t work properly on a #smartphone, or has other annoying features. For example Why enter resume details when applicants are asked to upload their resume and cover letter?

Candidate Recruitment

Applicants frequently express their concerns with:

  •     The applicant forgets to fill out a field on the application and presses the submit button. When the program fails, the page is reloaded, and all entered data is lost. The applicant is compelled to re-enter all of their information.
  •     Unnecessary inquiries like which country you live in when applicant previously gave address and ZIP/ Pin code?
  •     That the app isn’t compatible with smartphones. Candidates are increasingly using their phone or tablet to apply.
  •     Compulsory queries are on the edge of becoming too personal or discriminating.
  •     Questions concerning marital status, gender, family situation, age, and disability, for example.

To summarize, there are various reasons to rearrange applications by reducing both the form and the #process:

  •     Only a few #clicks are required to submit applications.
  •     Questions can be saved for later in the process.
  •     Examine whether a résumé and cover letter are required, uploading them is easier.
  •     Make the application form easier to fill out.
  •     Reduce the number of #questions and fields on the form.
  •     Remove any questions that are similar or repetitive.


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