Face to face meetings still have importance?

Last week I had a chance to visit a client’s office. Since their inception, Phoenix Lab has been associated with them. They are involved in a wide range of businesses, including multi-vendor E-Commerce.


The E-Commerce business is growing in Cambodia and it has huge potential. I found our client was struggling to find vendors during the discussion with him. He said, “”We have a sales staff, a procurement team, customer care team, a warehouse supervisor, and so on,” he explained, “but we are unable to get more local vendors.”

face to face meeting

I’ve tried to figure out what’s missing here! When I interacted with his sales team, I discovered that they were all busy with locating local vendors online and attempting to close deals over the phone! They never had a face-to-face meeting with any vendor. All are happy to spend the entire day in front of their computers!

You must work hard as a startup to build your brand. Once your brand is well-known in the market, vendors will try to contact you. When you’re a small firm, focus on the local market and local vendors. Ask your sales team to meet them in person, establish good bond, it will benefit in bridging the supply and demand gap in the business.

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