How does Omnichannel work?

🛒Omni-Channel Retail or Omnichannel E Commerce is a multichannel approach to sales that focuses on providing a seamless customer experience whether the customer shops online, on a mobile device, or in a store. This is a strategy where a brand is present on multiple channels. This concept has been successfully used by companies such as Apple and Starbucks .


📍Advantages of Omni Channel E Commerce

  •     Improved customer experience and reach
  •     Increased traffic and sales
  •     Customer satisfaction
  •     Cost effective
  •     Better data collection

📍How does Omnichannel work?

  •     Online order will be sent directly to the buyer’s home
  •     Online order sent to a physical store for in-store pickup
  •     In-store purchase of an out-of-stock item will be delivered to the store or directly to the buyer’s home
  •     Online order submitted via website or apps will be shipped directly to the buyer’s home via e retailer’s or seller’s stores or distribution centers
  •     Online order and in-store purchase returns facility
  •     Order online for pick-up in store or doorstep delivery, with orders processed from either a store or a warehouse.
  •     Order in-store for home delivery, from a warehouse, same store, or another store
  •     Order in-store for pick up from store or another store

Customer data from multiple channels can be collected and merged using omnichannel e-commerce. When combined, this data gives you a complete picture of the types of clients that are interested in your brand and their behavior, allowing you to personalise customer journey.❤️


You can only personalize your customers’ experience if you understand their journey. You can build a customised experience using omnichannel e-commerce. Omnichannel customers have higher satisfaction level than buyers who only buy through one channel, so providing a personalised experience is essential.

Customers will love you more if you consistently provide them with great experiences that are relevant to whatever channel they use to engage. All of this, at the end, leads to better sales.❤️❤️❤️🤞

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