How to boost Social Marketing with the help of Influencers during COVID-19?


We are living in the age where consumers spending has limited to very essential products or services. In such situation expecting a business’s online marketing strategy to increase sales would be unfair. However, it is good time to build online following, strong presence in Social Media accounts. There are different strategies to adopt to increase number of followers especially organic one, partnering with Influencers is one among them. Many social media personalities can influence buying decision of an individual. Businesses can reach out to them, and step up their online marketing. This pandemic has forced businesses to adopt alternative strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Developing high quality influencer marketing program is difficult but possible. When a business is planning to go with this strategy it needs to follow few steps. These steps help businesses to build templates according to their marketing objectives, priorities and available resources.

·       Who are your online audience? Define them: Identifying target customers is primary step under influencer marketing strategy. Businesses have to find out who impacts, how they are discovering, evaluating and deciding to buy products or services. 

·       Finding the right influencers: This is not an easy job. Finding right influencers is competitive task. Businesses need to search for people who can influence customer’s decision making through their content, social media presence and their popularity. 

·       Do research on influencers and their tasks: Before assigning task to an Influencers listen to them. Track their content, try to understand what topics do they write about, what are they sharing, what questions are their audience members asking and who are their target audience? Analyze them before taking decision.  

·       Taking action and engaging: This step is very important. After selecting an Influencer start building relationships through simple actions like following and sharing their links, get to know them, build trust, then prepare plan of action that will enable both to work together.

·       Measure outcome: Final step is measuring outcome. Keeping track of the relationships you’re building and how they’re converting into concrete events like visits, introductions, mentions and eventually leads is important.

Influencers will stay but influencers marketing strategy changes frequently due to technological change and introduction of different platforms to connect with people. Marketing strategy which we adopt today may not exist after three years. This guide will help businesses get started with building Influencer marketing strategy, but like any other social strategy it’s important to be ready for change and move forward.

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