How to Build a Brand Communications Strategy

A brand communication strategy is the process of using communication to achieve your goals. It involves the message: what has to be communicated; the medium: delivering the message through the most appropriate channels; and the target: identifying and understanding your important audience.

It’s critical to know where you’re heading and what your end goal is before you build any kind of brand communication road map. What are your objectives for this task? What do you expect to gain?

Any type of business planning should start with your objectives, which could include:

  •       Increasing brand awareness
  •       Improving productivity while repositioning the brand
  •       Improving a company’s reputation and increasing brand loyalty
  •       Increasing client satisfaction
  •       Increasing sales and creating demand
  •       Profitability enhancements
  •       Attracting and retaining employees
  •       Keeping pace with the competition


Template For Your Brand Communication Strategy

  •       Identify Your Goals

Determine where you are now and where you want to be in the future as a business.

  •       Target Audience

Identify your target audience and the communication style you’ll need to reach them by using customer insights. Create an image or buyer persona based on the problems you solve for your target customer. Consider niche markets as well.

  •       Current Situation

Examine your firm’s inner workings and current communication methods. What are some of your best qualities? Is there anything greater than that? External issues such as the political landscape, the economy, and global events such as the pandemic should also be considered.

  •       Identify Your USP

Find out what distinguishes your company. Make your USP stand out by being unique, appealing, concise, jargon-free, and specific. they’re doing and saying on their websites and social media channels. Understand what is and isn’t working for them. Then go on and do something even better.

  •       Review Your Branding

Make sure your colour palette, typeface, logo, and tone of voice are all the same across all of your marketing materials and touchpoints.

  •       Recognize Your Communication Streams

Examine your target audiences and determine the best mix of communication channels to use in order to reach them.

  •       Measure Your Success

Put metrics in place to evaluate the success of your marketing and PR initiatives to ensure you meet your major objectives.

Just like interpersonal communication, communication between people and brands has its ups and downs. It may be hard to convince someone that your product or service is worth their attention if they don’t like what you’re saying. However, if you start to use respectful and caring communication strategies in your business development, you will be assured of a loyal customer base and a better chance of success.

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