Importance of SEO and Key Words in Real Estate Digital Marketing!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the regular process of creating content that will be positively ranked or recognized by various search engines such as Google. This can be done by choosing topics that are popular or trending, keywords and other ‘signals’ search engines use to identify, rank and match content with a user’s search criteria.

 Good SEO is critical if our website or profile want to be found on the internet. SEO is not an option or a software that we can simply add to a website. We must know that it is something that cannot be implemented overnight. Rather, consider it to be part of our long-term strategy.

SEO & Keywords

If we want to become one of the MOST searched agents in our city, we need to place an emphasis on the keywords that our ideal clients are searching for. Keywords are the words or phrases that individuals in our area search for most frequently.

Here are the common keywords and key phrases real estate agents should be focusing on are:

  •     Top real estate agent
  •     Finding a realtor
  •     Real estate broker
  •     Realtor
  •     Finding a real estate agent
  •     Real estate agent
 Our content should highlight and include these key phrases but we can try to target some of the less popular keywords that fall within our niche as well. Due to the lack of competition, we will be able to rise faster in the Google search rankings in these particular areas. We shouldn’t forget to target key phrases that include specific geographic references such as “Best Real Estate Agent in Cambodia”.
 We shouldn’t become discouraged with our SEO results if we have only recently placed an emphasis on the technique. As I mentioned before, it is a long game that requires patience. If we start today and I promise, our efforts will pay dividends for many years to come.

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