Linkedin Has Become The Key Social Media Platform For B2B Businesses To Reach Their Audiences.


LinkedIn has become the Instagram of business. With a more scroll-friendly user interface, the ability to quickly like, comment, and message others, and the spread and popularity of behind-the-scenes content, LinkedIn is a perfect lead-generation resource for B2B businesses.”

If you are looking for ROI from LinkedIn, these 3 things you need to focus on:

  •     Adding value: Adding value by focusing on the “Why?” rather than the tactics is crucial. How can you help entrepreneurs’/ organisations rethink the way they work?
  •     Finding solutions: Your audience can easily sense a mile away when you’re trying to sell your services. Instead think differently, “what’s the biggest challenge my audience is facing?”, and how my services help to solve it?
  •     Personalising: Rather than messaging thousands and hoping something will click, focus on a niche. Send targeted messages to specific groups.


“Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.” – Dave Willis, Author and Speaker