📍Monday, Monday Go Away, Can I Have Another Sunday?..!

Weekends go by faster than we realize, and before we realize it, we’re back on Monday, starting a new week! Mondays can be gloomy for a number of reasons, including a lack of sleep, work stress, or just the people at work.

Various studies says that people’s moods are at their lowest on Mondays. Do you know what makes Mondays so psychologically terrible? Many mental health experts tried to break down the different reasons but these explanations don’t apply to everyone, few of them may apply if you’re a strong Monday-hater.


💚 The natural rhythm of your body is messed up

🧡 You’ve lost the feeling of freedom.

💜 You hate your job.

💛 You failed to plan for the day.

🖤 Mondays are hated in our culture.

❤️ You don’t have a good work-life balance.

💚 For you, changes are difficult

💙 You exist solely for the weekend.


According to many of us, paying the bills and going to work is one life, and what you do on the weekends for personal enjoyment is another life. If someone who lives their life in this mindset will always struggle on a Monday unless they can find a method to merge the two.


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