Reputation Marketing!

Reputation Marketing is using your company’s reputation as promotional and advertising materials like customer reviews, testimonials, online ratings, community awards, social media mentions and more. It is the process of influencing and managing consumer perception of a brand or business. The aim is to highlight the positive qualities of the brand and promote them to convert shoppers into customers.


Take a moment to Google your Business’s name, and all of the similar Businesses in your area. You’ll probably see a Google listing in the search results, as well as listings from review sites like Tripadvisor etc. These sites will show individual reviews, as well as an overall average of all of the scores. Unless your Business is already working on getting reviews from customers, or you are located in an active market, it’s not uncommon to see reviews on each review site.

The problem is, most customers don’t think about posting reviews of your service unless they’re really upset, or they feel you’ve gone above and beyond. So, the numbers can get fairly skewed if you aren’t paying attention. This may eventually create an inaccurate representation of your Business, and customers searching online may find low average scores concerning. When you know the vast majority of your customers are happy, and this is a real opportunity for you to show that off. Do it!

  1. “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffet

With the help of reputation marketing, you can work on building up a stronger online reputation so that people always can see positive reviews when they search online. Ask your satisfied customers to give a review of the service provided. Market them. Attract more customers for your business! 

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