Role of Employees as Micro Influencers!

When world is moving towards digital transformation, we should not forget basic principles of marketing strategy like utilizing employees as micro influencers. Yes, motivated and well-trained employees who will act as ambassadors for your brand and help to grow sales in a genuine and authentic way that’s more effective than any advertising campaign could ever be. If a business is successful in employing people who align with its brand values and help what business is trying to achieve will act as dedicated cheerleaders. As technology grows, many organizations are also realizing that they need focus more on storytelling and organic sharing power of employees who have sufficient number of social media followers. 

Imagine the situation where your employees are endorsing your product or services. This is about respect, belief and audience nurturing a deep confidence in what your company can offer to them because your employees are recognized as thought leaders and individuals who are passionate about what they do and happy to represent their organization. When your employees become the face of your brand, you are projecting someone to believe in. Employees are invited to invest in the company where they work, can use their different skills and techniques to sell products or services. When employees are viewed as part of the brand, they are more likely to have more interaction with customers. It is similar to word of mouth marketing using micro influencers, who are expert within your business with good number of social media following. This is considered as a powerful tool to build trust with target customers.

Influencers may be Data Analysts, CRM executives, Sales force, HR executives or any other experts with whom people want to learn from. These are the people within your organization who can expand the reach of your marketing simply through sharing news, insights, and their own thoughts on personal or business social media profiles, as well as other channels. When you utilize your employees for micro influencer campaigns, you also helping to increase their social networks and effectively helping to grow their individual online presence, giving them even more influence with your audience. Influencers Marketing is going to be gamine changer in coming years. Micro-influencers will emerge in huge numbers who do not have many followers but enjoy the popularity amongst a niche audience. Such influencers will help brands find their foothold with the specific group of people who would align with the goals of the brands.