The Use Of Social Media For Customer Service Is On The Rise

People have used socialmedia to connect with their social networks and exchange photos and videos for years. Those days, however, are pretty much gone, and social media has evolved into much more.


It’s grown into an online marketplace, a product research platform, and, most recently, a customer support platform. Many businesses have started recognizing social media platforms as for providing customer service.

This shift has taken place gradually as businesses started noticing that many customers tried to contact them via social media. This may be due to a lack of response on other channels or simply because it was a more direct method of contacting the brands.

It has now established itself as a substantial customer care channel, compelling brands to recognize it as such. 🎈According to Gartner, by 2023, online platforms will handle 60 percent of all customer care queries.🎈

Social media has become one of the most important customer service channels, if you are not able handle customer on time, it will impact on your brands credibility in the market.

To avoid this, create templates for FAQs, invest in a chatbot or recruit social media customer care executives to improve your response time to help you use your social media platforms in this “new” way.

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