Tips To Target Rural Customers: E- Commerce, Cambodia

Rural shoppers are unfamiliar with shopping without touch and feel, hence the first step for Entrepreneurs interested in tapping into rural E-Commerce is to customize applications with local content. Because 90% of the population does not understand English. Developing content in Khmer across many contact points, such as mobile apps and customer support, is crucial for bringing online shopping confidence among rural customers.

Distribution and Logistics:

Certain portions of Cambodia lack decent roads and establishing a well-defined logistics network is difficult. Entrepreneurs will need to build a decentralized logistics network using a pool of local people as delivery agents to serve this market. This technique will result in efficient cost control and access. Entrepreneurs should also look into different delivery options, such as using crowdsourcing platforms to connect firms with non-professional couriers who can deliver goods quickly.

Assisted E-commerce:

Rural consumers are still not tech-savvy when it comes to smartphone features and internet buying operations. Small & mid E-Commerce businesses can form supporting groups of people who can help them shop online from digital catalogs. Grocery stores, Rural banks, and Kiosks can also be used by Entrepreneurs to receive more orders via company apps.

Products for Rural Customers:

Due to their lower spending capacity, the price will be critical in online shopping. A rural E-Commerce platform’s marketplace should have a mix of branded and unbranded products, as unbranded is what they’ve been buying so far, and switching to a brand will take time. By providing the right category-product mix, this will help alleviate the shopping experience of people in rural areas.

The E-Commerce business is expected to grow at a rapid pace as usage of smartphone is increasing in the rural areas of Cambodia. The rural E-Commerce market would provide substantial business prospects for Consumer Durables, Medicines, doorstep delivery of agricultural supplies such as Seeds, Fertilisers along with FMCG and Groceries.

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