Video Is The Hottest Growth Hack!

Here are some Social Media trends to examine to help you narrow down the specifics of what you should be sharing and ensure you’re creating unique content. 54% of marketers feel Video is the most valuable content source for reaching Social Media goals.

With the rise of Facebook, TikTok and Instagram Reels, video is booming. Due to their high engagement rate, both long and short form videos continue to dominate the Social Media space across all platforms.

Marketers who want to use Social Media videos should keep in mind that not all videos are treated equally. Even though it is a video with excellent promotion but lack the “entertainment” part will not gain any traction. When making videos for your products or services, it’s important to maintain a balance between entertainment and promotion.

There’s never a better time to start making video content for your business than now.

The good news is that your video content strategy doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; the simplest, most authentic concepts are considered to be more effective and successful.

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