What Role Do Taglines And Slogans Play In Branding?

“Just Do It”.

“I’m Lovin’ It”.

“Taste The Feeling”

What do you think of these phrases? For many people, immediate images of Nike, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola appears in their mind. I am not endorsing any of these companies. But I am claiming that these slogans have helped these wildly successful businesses stay in the minds of people all over the world. These modest three-word statements have had a big impact on the buying behavior of people and shows the importance of investing in a company’s taglines and slogans.

What is a Slogan or Tagline?

The taglines, also known as slogans, are one-word explainers which act as the brand’s identity. Explaining its qualities, characteristics, and value. A tagline also highlights the audience’s needs and explains how it can solve the problem or fill the market gap.

More Meaning with Fewer Words

Knowing the importance of a slogan requires a thorough understanding of its formation, structure, and impact. The business’s one-liner explainer must be precise yet effective; it must be easily understandable and contain the brand’s essence.

Procter & Gamble – Touching Lives, Improving Life

What makes the ‘P&G’ company’s slogan so popular?

Maybe because it is really simple and precise, or because they are trying to connect with people emotionally or may be because it is problem-solving?

The answer is that you should aim for all of the above before creating a slogan and choosing it to represent your business.

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