What Should I Post and When Should I Post in Social Media?

Usually a Business’s Social Media strategy include providing highly promotional content at first, then stopping when they don’t see an immediate increase in business. A consistent and concrete content planning strategy is the answer for this issue.


You’ll need a content strategy, a plan that outlines,

  •     What you are going to post
  •     When are you going to post it?
  •     First and foremost, why are you posting it?

The significance of the post cannot be overstated. Everything you post should have a reason for doing it. You may have a specific aim in mind, such as getting people to like and comment on your post, or getting them to click a link or view a video. You can only determine whether or not the post was successful if you know what your goal was.


Then dedicate yourself to sticking to your strategy, posting when it says you should, and scheduling time to interact with others and reply to their questions and comments. You can find templates online, or you can contact Phoenix Lab Asia  if you need one.